Kim’s Beautiful Day Make-up




Have you ever had one of those nights in the club; dancing drinking, moving, confetti cannons that leave you a slightly stained and more invigorated version of yourself the next morning?

I have and you know what drive me crazy when I’m going home as the sun comes up and wanting to take the perfect this is my lift Insta photo…. Sweat and running make-up!

Like all good beauty bloggers, I am a big believer in Primer battling the sweat and being the foundation before the foundation. So, as I was in my local Mecca Maxima store prowling around for a new primer a bright and overly excited sales person; you know the one I’m talking about the one that has to touch you, says babe one to many time but by all means is an expert in her (or his put down the keyboards!) field.

As we are discussing my dilemma of sweating my ass off by having the time of my life the overly excited sales assistant was like “BABE I know exactly what you need it’s my go to primer for summer and nights out it’s called veil by hourglass”.

As she grabs the plain packaged bottle from the shelf and applied to the back of my hand the heavens opened… Ok ok I’m being slightly dramatic but in saying that this is the most AMAZINGLY soft primer I have felt. I was captivated by the feeling of my skin and the way my skin looked smooth as fuck! I had to know the price right away and the sales assistant pursed her lips and said that it was “quite expensive”; I didn’t care I needed to give this product a go so I purchased a 8.95ml bottle for $31.



Now this was by far the best $31 I have ever spent this primer was exactly what I needed in my life, it practically made all my makeup water proof and my makeup survived from 9 pm right through too 8-9 am the next morning when I was home and ready to wash away everything from an amazing night out. It endured the countless hours of dancing, hugging and beverages split on me, dry ice cannons, confetti and the occasional rain.

This product continues to amaze me and has gone from a special occasion bottle to my go to primer for every day its light weight, long lasting and you only need the tiniest bit for a full face and neck coverage.


Stay Flawless out there!

Love and Xx’s



So let’s face it yes studying can be fun but 9 times out of 10 my god it’s so god damn stressful you just want to give up but we all work through it because it’s the end result we so desire. Now I’m  not going to lie I have studied a lot of things in my past but never completed anything due to various reasons but mainly because it just really didn’t interest me and I was just doing it to keep my family off my back (cast those judging eyes elsewhere )

Previously I have struggled with balancing my work, study and home life until I decided to quit my job and study part time and find a part time job to help me find a little balance.  Well guess what the study part is going swell but can I keep a part time job NO! I can’t every time things start going well and looking up BAM! Something goes wrong and the universe screws me over again.

So, I have decided to dedicate all my time to completing my Masters in make up “well Duh that’s why you’re hear reading my rambling gibberish get with the program jess” any way it’s what I’ve wanted to do I want to, help other people feel and look absolutely FLAWLESS…..

So, last week I started my first module smashed it out in one day sent my assignments off within 8 hrs they were marked I GOT A WHOPPING A- I don’t think I’ve ever had such an amazing grade I was so happy I sent all of my best friend’s messages to tell them the good news.

I was like wow I flew through that! The next day I was pumped like yeah let’s do this, I began to read through my module but this time I need models, different ones each Assignment and it can’t be me, do you think I could find people available ……………. That’s right NO I can’t all my friends work and my wonderful husband and house mate (which is a guy) absolutely refuse to help me out TBH I don’t blame them but I’m getting desperate.

My wonderful sister in law was able to help me out with 2 parts of my assignment but now I need to apply make up on aged skin ……so I tried to call in a favour from mum she just laughed and then asked me if I could be her guinea pig, me being curious I asked mum what for her reply was priceless ………… FullSizeRender[602] after much debate mum agreed to let me apply make up to her Sunday……..

Well my favourite DJ was in town on Saturday night and me, my house mate and his girlfriend thought it would be a great idea to go out. 2 bottles of vodka 5 ciders and about $300 later we a stumbling in the door at 5am Sunday morning, SHOUTOUT to my husband for picking us up and dealing with drunk me…. I slept ALLLLLLLL DAY and NIGHT I missed doing mums make up and now she’s not free till next weekend ☹. But my god it was totally worth it such an amazing night.

So Tuesday rolled around AKA Anzac day and I was feeling sorry for myself and I’ve wanted a new kitten forever (mind you I already have one cat and two dogs but I want more) I finally convinced my husband and we went and picked up a new kitty …. I know it sounds like I’m getting off topic but hang in there 😝 any way so the new kitty little miss IVY has settled in nicely and is full of attitude.


last night after wondering if there was anything else I could do for my assignments I was reading through my course guide on the couch and IVY (the new kitten) decided it was a mighty fine time to jump up and lay across one page of my book, I attempted to shift her but no she returned laying completely across my whole book I couldn’t read a thing.  She wanted love so I closed my book and gave her the attention she wanted.


It’s now Wednesday night and I haven’t made any progress due to getting this blog up and running, a sassy kitten and needing to do mums make up………..

Morale of the story models are hard to find !!!!!

Stay Flawless out there!

Love and Xx’s


Why Make-up?

So, the big question why is Make-up artistry my thing …………

well long long time ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.. wellll not really more like 20 plus years ago (don’t look at me like that 😊); it was just me and my mum we were best buddies and she let me be who I wanted to be………. I was that little girl with the white blonde hair in baby spice style pigtails rocking a pink tutu and gumboots because why the hell not.


Everyone always questioned my mum about my outfits but mum always replied with “I’m letting my little Jessie discover herself” (a nick name I have actually never heard mum refer me too but any way).


Once I hit 5 my first sister was born she ruined everything lol mum and I were best mates we did everything together and BAM! this baby came along and then 18 months later another baby girl.

After that I pretty much don’t really remember a lot, they say you block out the traumatic events in your life so maybe that’s what my brain is doing, but let’s be honest I don’t think it was that bad and I love my sisters and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

We were very close growing up always together.

Mum was a hard-working woman working on stations and cattle farming and all that country kinda stuff so she was never into the make up so it didn’t come from her ….

My first born little sister Alanis turned out to be madly in love with horses, Lisa the baby of the family was the tom boy absolutely captivated by anything with wheels and mud.

And there was me I didn’t really have a thing except I was 100% captivated by makeup, hair and fashion.

As I hit my teen years I became more intrigued by makeup and having two little sisters that would do anything I asked I always had models, we had mini fashion shows and I would always do their hair and makeup, let’s face it I wasn’t great but hey we had a hell of a good time.

When it came time for me to find a job my family pushed me away from the makeup industry they always said there was no money in it , and being nieve and listing to my family I perused a career in childcare I worked in child care for 7 and a half longggggggg years until one day I was like yep nah I’ve had enough I wasn’t happy where my life was at I hadn’t achieved anything I had wanted, so I quit my job…..

My husband (yeah, I know right when did you get married or oh you’re so young yadayada we have been together forever) any way he suggested I study something I love so I got my google fingers happening and I enrolled into my master of makeup artistry and bam here I am today

With the help of my most amazing best friend who is the bomb at marketing has lead the way and advised me how to get out into the world and market myself so here I am blogging, creating and reviewing the things I love.



Stay Flawless out there!

Love and Xx’s