Have you ever had one of those nights in the club; dancing drinking, moving, confetti cannons that leave you a slightly stained and more invigorated version of yourself the next morning?

I have and you know what drive me crazy when I’m going home as the sun comes up and wanting to take the perfect this is my lift Insta photo…. Sweat and running make-up!

Like all good beauty bloggers, I am a big believer in Primer battling the sweat and being the foundation before the foundation. So, as I was in my local Mecca Maxima store prowling around for a new primer a bright and overly excited sales person; you know the one I’m talking about the one that has to touch you, says babe one to many time but by all means is an expert in her (or his put down the keyboards!) field.

As we are discussing my dilemma of sweating my ass off by having the time of my life the overly excited sales assistant was like “BABE I know exactly what you need it’s my go to primer for summer and nights out it’s called veil by hourglass”.

As she grabs the plain packaged bottle from the shelf and applied to the back of my hand the heavens opened… Ok ok I’m being slightly dramatic but in saying that this is the most AMAZINGLY soft primer I have felt. I was captivated by the feeling of my skin and the way my skin looked smooth as fuck! I had to know the price right away and the sales assistant pursed her lips and said that it was “quite expensive”; I didn’t care I needed to give this product a go so I purchased a 8.95ml bottle for $31.



Now this was by far the best $31 I have ever spent this primer was exactly what I needed in my life, it practically made all my makeup water proof and my makeup survived from 9 pm right through too 8-9 am the next morning when I was home and ready to wash away everything from an amazing night out. It endured the countless hours of dancing, hugging and beverages split on me, dry ice cannons, confetti and the occasional rain.

This product continues to amaze me and has gone from a special occasion bottle to my go to primer for every day its light weight, long lasting and you only need the tiniest bit for a full face and neck coverage.


Stay Flawless out there!

Love and Xx’s